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Interface Development

COM4 - Leading Technical UKG Pro Implementation Partner !

COM4 is UKG’s leading technical implementation partner for interface development projects. Our UKG trained and certified consultants have built interfaces on behalf of UKG and for our direct customers. Following UKG development methodology we have built more than 1000 interface projects for over 300 clients within a short period of time. We have worked with leading service providers like Aetna, BlueCross, Delta, United Health, Fidelity, Hartford, Vanguard and all other leading 3rd party vendors.

We offer SQL Framework Interfaces, Cognos BI (Report as a Service) integrations and API based integration development services. We build new interfaces and support existing interfaces as well. Our team is experienced in building exports (UKG Pro to Vendor systems) and imports (Vendor systems to UKG Pro).

COM4 approach for building interfaces

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Customer will generate the test files and transmit them to the vendor systems via SFTP. Some vendors allow customers to upload the test files to their servers directly. It is highly recommended that customers not to send any test files via emails because of confidential information. Customer will have to reach out to the vendor for test results. Sometimes vendor shares the test results with COM4 team directly.

COM4 team will review the test results and if there are any issues, COM4 team will team fix the issues quickly (typically 3 to 4 business days). Depending on the type of interface or vendor preference, there will be one to four iterations of testing to make sure interface file feed is ready for go-live

It is customer's responsibility to test the interface thoroughly. UAT can take up to 30 days and sometimes it can go faster.

We offer 30 days warranty for testing or go-live whichever is earlier. Any issues found after the warranty period is over will be resolved and billed depending upon the work performed on the interface.


Once the UAT is completed and based on customer's approval, the interface program will be setup to run on schedule basis and files will be transmitted to vendor automatically. Sometimes customer will have to run on-demand and transmit the files after payroll is posted.

Once the interface is live, customer will have to submit a service request with UKG or reach out to COM4 for any future modifications or enhancements and it is billable.